a contemplator getting out of her shell. a script writer and director when daydreaming. newbie in the world of blogging. in the voyage of finding her various niches.

dislikes salty food. likes sweets. dislikes very cold weather. loves rain. likes watching films except scary movies. hates worms! likes roller coasters! woohoo! likes bright or pastel colors. likes arts and crafts. bookworm. interested in photography. wanna try kick boxing and poi dancing. looking forward for more travels and adventures. prefers mellow songs. fashion statement is simple but cute or simple but elegant. searching for more dress-ups.

late bloomer. moody. often silent. slightly amusing. used to hoard. absent minded at times. cautious. serious. but, still with a wild side.

a teacher in progress and a student for a lifetime. a younger sister and an older sister. an orphan but not and will never ever be fatherless.

a once lost sheep (and sometimes still wandering).
but now found (and keeps on being found).

and, now, on her way to fixing her clutter and finding the special in ordinary with and by the love of her Shepherd.


Anonymous said...'re in.. haha.. so INTO BLOGGING!

I miss your hugs and good chats at dinner time.


Carol said...

Hi Kate,

Your blog is so sweet. Your testimony even sweeter. I was once lost and now am found. Praise God! I'm so thankful someone was bold enough to share Jesus with me and I wasn't too stubborn to listen. The Holy Spirit's timing is perfect.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.